Sexual Health Tests

Sexual Health Tests

Your sexual health is an important part of your overall health, but it isn’t something people often feel comfortable talking about. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your sexual well-being. Anyone who is sexually active needs to act responsibly and monitor themselves for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

Sexual health tests should be a part of your regular health care routine. STD symptoms include abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, and discomfort during urination—however, many people with STDs are often asymptomatic. If STDs aren’t treated, they can result in serious complications including infertility, brain damage, and blindness. You may also be unwittingly passing your STD along to your sexual partners. 

True Marker offers at-home sexual health tests that give you the confidential and accurate results you need. Our sexual testing kits target STDs such as herpes and syphilis and allow you to gather your samples in the privacy of your home. You send the kit back to us, and we’ll deliver rapid results, discreetly. Browse our collection of private sexual health tests to find the right one for you.

Why You Should Use True Marker’s Home Sexual Health Test Kits

They’re easy to use.

We mail the kit to you, then you send your sample back to us for testing—it’s that simple.

Our results are backed by science.

Our state-of-the-art lab makes us unique among other at-home testing companies. We analyze every test in-house, without sending them out to third-party sites for processing. This also gives you the added benefit of enhanced privacy.

You get rapid answers to your health care questions.

Our lab and the expertise of our team allows us to analyze at-home health tests promptly. We get results back to you with a 3-day turnaround time. 

We offer clarity and precision.

We’re here for you if you need help reviewing your results or have any questions. Our medical professionals who analyze each test are also available to discuss your results and provide clarification and guidance. You’ll be fully informed so  you have the confidence you need to make the right health care choices.

You gain valuable information from our home sexual health tests.

True Marker tests help you determine if you have an STD, which is especially beneficial if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms. 

How Our Sexual Health Kits Work

Order the test you want online and we’ll send you our postal sexual health test.

Read the instructions carefully and fast before taking your sample if needed.

After shipping your sample, you’ll get results in three days, with information on how to contact our medical professionals if you have any follow-up questions.

Order. Test. Understand.

Live life free of worry about potential STDs. Take care of your sexual health and well-being with True Marker. Explore our cutting-edge tests focused on sexual health.