Estradiol Test
Women's Health

Estradiol Test

The estradiol test will test and measure the estradiol levels in your body.

  • CLIA-Approved
  • CAP-Accredited
  • Reviewed by a certified laboratory scientist and medical doctor
  • Collection method: easy finger prick blood collection
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Results in 3 days

Collect your sample, mail it back in the prepaid envelope, and receive results by email or phone.

This test is most useful for people who:

  • Take this test on day 3 of your menstrual cycle for accurate results. This third day refers to the third day of blood flow during your period. Please refrain from using hormonal contraception prior to taking this test.

What will your results tell you?

A breakdown of your estradiol levels and actionable follow-up steps

Estradiol is the most potent form of estrogen produced by the body. Good estradiol levels contribute to a healthy reproductive system and strong bones and joints. Estradiol imbalances, however, can cause problems: Too much estradiol may lead to depression, acne, and decreased sex drive, while low estradiol can raise the risk of mood swings or osteoporosis. True Marker’s at-home estrogen test is a safe and effective way to monitor your estradiol levels. 

Our estradiol test is taken in the privacy of your home. Once you send in your test sample, we’ll deliver the results back in 3 days. Our at-home estradiol test also includes a full report of your results in a PDF to share with your doctor. 

What will your results tell you?

Key information that’s important for women’s health

Many factors contribute to women’s overall health and wellness: body inflammation, heart health, thyroid condition, and hormone balance among others. Testing estrogen levels at home is an easy way to monitor your health. 

Our estradiol home test kit can give you insight into any changes in your body. Biomarkers in the blood can indicate any potential problems before symptoms occur. Identifying these issues early may prevent serious illness and optimize your health. Hormone imbalances can affect all areas of your health — experts recommend regularly checking your hormone levels as they can change drastically over short periods of time. 

There are different ways to measure your progesterone level. Here's why they matter for you:


Estradiol is the main estrogen produced in the body and it is also one of the main sex hormones responsible for ovulation. It also regulates and is responsible for the normal function of the breasts, vagina, and uterus.

Monitoring your sexual history is crucial for your overall health.

Everything you need to easily take your test:

Everything you need to easily take your test
Everything you need to easily take your test

Our in-house medical team really knows what they’re talking about

Rather than outsourcing testing, we built the first lab that does it in-house. That means our scientists can actually answer your questions and are available to guide you through the process.