Testosterone Test
Men's Health

Testosterone Test

This test measures the testosterone level in your blood relative to your age. Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone that is essential in the development of male reproductive tissues.

  • CLIA-Approved
  • CAP-Accredited
  • Reviewed by a certified laboratory scientist and medical doctor
  • Collection method: easy finger prick blood collection
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Results in 3 days

Collect your sample, mail it back in the prepaid envelope, and receive results by email or phone.

This test is most useful for people who:

  • Suffer from chronic stress
  • Have thyroid disease
  • Are obese
  • Have a family history of low testosterone
  • Take anabolic steroids

What Will Your Results Tell You?

A breakdown of your testosterone level and actionable follow up steps

It’s important for men to monitor their testosterone level as this hormone plays several essential roles in the body by promoting secondary sexual characteristics. This ranges from the growth of body hair, bone mass, and muscle mass. 

It’s especially critical to track this hormone with an at-home testosterone test as men age. Once men turn 30, their testosterone level naturally decreases by about 1% each year. About 20% of men older than 30 have low testosterone, which can lead to fertility problems and health concerns such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

True Marker’s home testosterone test gives you an easy, effective way to stay on top of your health. Test results come back in just three days, and arrive in a shareable PDF so you can discuss the findings with your physician.

What Will Your Test Results Tell You?

Insightful information that’s integral to your health

Hormone health is an important part of your overall wellness. Our testosterone blood test is a valuable tool for monitoring hormone biomarkers that could indicate potential problems. This is especially important if you follow a strenuous exercise regimen because that can lead to premature depletion of testosterone. 

Trust True Marker to deliver accurate, rapid results. We’ve developed a comprehensive collection of general health tests that you take in the privacy of your own home. Use our at-home kits to support and enhance your health and well-being. 

Your testosterone level is important for men's health. Here's why it should matter to you:


Testosterone is produced in the adrenal cortex of your kidneys. It is a steroid hormone used to regulate the development of secondary sex characteristics as well as fertility.

The unbound version of testosterone (free testosterone) is the active form of the hormone. It also helps regulate muscle mass distribution as well as red blood cell production which are both important to overall men’s health.

Everything you need to easily take your test:

Everything you need to easily take your test
Everything you need to easily take your test

Our in-house medical team really knows what they’re talking about

Rather than outsourcing testing, we built the first lab that does it in-house. That means our scientists can actually answer your questions and are available to guide you through the process.