Vitamin B12 Test
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Vitamin B12 Test

The vitamin B12 test is used to measure vitamin B12 in your body.

  • CLIA-Approved
  • CAP-Accredited
  • Reviewed by a certified laboratory scientist and medical doctor
  • Collection method: easy finger prick blood collection
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Results in 3 days

Collect your sample, mail it back in the prepaid envelope, and receive results by email or phone.

This test is most useful for people who:

  • Are following a plant-based diet
  • Are deficient in intrinsic factor which aids in the absorption of vitamin b12 in the gut
  • Want to improve their overall health
  • Are over the age of 50
  • Are suffering from chronic fatigue

What will your results tell you?

A breakdown of your vitamin B12 test and actionable follow-up steps

Do you feel exhausted with a foggy brain, or do you have trouble digesting your food? You may have a vitamin B12 imbalance. This essential nutrient maintains cellular health in the blood and nerves and helps produce DNA. With sufficient B12, you enjoy sustained mental clarity and physical stamina. That's why it’s important to monitor your health with a vitamin B12 home test.

The True Marker home test for vitamin B12 deficiency offers an easy way to track your levels and take any necessary steps needed for your health. Learning that you have a B12 deficiency may help rule out underlying health conditions and explain symptoms you may be experiencing. Our vitamin B12 home test kit can help you restore your levels for proper balance and homeostasis in the body. You will also receive a PDF version of your results that is shareable with your physician.

What will your results tell you?

The answers you need to better understand your overall health

Taking True Marker’s vitamin B12 deficiency test at home offers privacy and security, as well as rapid results with a 3-day turnaround time. All of our health tests help you monitor important biomarkers for possible signs of organ dysfunction, hormone imbalance, and vitamin or mineral deficiency. This can help you detect potential health problems, so you get early treatment that improves your well-being.

There are different ways to measure vitamin levels. Here's why they matter for you:

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is found in meat, chicken, and fish. It is important for neurological function, creating DNA, and creating red blood cells to aid in oxygen transport throughout the body. It is also an essential nutrient in pregnancy.

Everything you need to easily take your test:

Everything you need to easily take your test
Everything you need to easily take your test

Our in-house medical team really knows what they’re talking about

Rather than outsourcing testing, we built the first lab that does it in-house. That means our scientists can actually answer your questions and are available to guide you through the process.