Vitamin D Test
General Health

Vitamin D Test

This test measures your vitamin D level. Proper vitamin D level is essential to both your bone health and the health of the cells in your body.

  • CLIA-Approved
  • CAP-Accredited
  • Reviewed by a certified laboratory scientist and medical doctor
  • Collection method: easy finger prick blood collection
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Results in 3 days

Collect your sample, mail it back in the prepaid envelope, and receive results by email or phone.

This test is most useful for people who:

  • Are following a plant based diet or are Vegan
  • Don’t get enough natural sunlight
  • Have chronic fatigue
  • Are at risk of developing Osteoporosis
  • Have asthma

What will your results tell you?

A breakdown of your vitamin D levels and actionable follow-up steps

Vitamin D serves several wonderful purposes for the body. It builds strong bones and teeth, promotes a healthy brain and nervous system, supports immune health, and much more. Make sure you have enough of this essential nutrient by taking True Marker’s vitamin D home test.

Our kit is a simple, streamlined way to test vitamin D levels at home. You get privacy, convenience, and fast results within a 3-day turnaround window. True Marker’s vitamin D test kit also includes a results report in a PDF format to share with your doctor.

What will your results tell you?

Important details you need to take care of your health

Take our vitamin D deficiency test at home as part of your regular health maintenance; it’s recommended that most health tests are taken annually. 

We’ve developed a full line of general health tests to meet many needs. These test kits monitor biomarkers that detect vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as hormone imbalances and organ dysfunction. True Marker tests can help detect potential health problems so you can implement treatment before symptoms appear.

Your vitamin D level is important for your bone health. Here's why it should matter to you:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that promotes strong and healthy bones. As your body is exposed to natural sunlight, vitamin D is created internally. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to increased risk or susceptibility to infection. Vitamin D has also been shown to combat depression, and to maintain heart and lung health.

Everything you need to easily take your test:

Everything you need to easily take your test
Everything you need to easily take your test

Our in-house medical team really knows what they’re talking about

Rather than outsourcing testing, we built the first lab that does it in-house. That means our scientists can actually answer your questions and are available to guide you through the process.