General Health Tests

Home Health Testing

Taking care of your health should be easy. Unfortunately, the hassle of scheduling appointments, long waits for test results, and unexpected (and expensive) bills make the process more difficult than it should be. You need a simple and accurate solution that gives you more control over getting the answers you need.

True Marker’s at-home health tests let you take care of your health by taking charge of your health.

What this means for you:

  • You get rapid results with a 3-day turnaround time.
  • You get affordable pricing because we don’t have to pass on costs to multiple labs.
  • Your data remains private and is never shared with other parties.

The Benefits of Using Our Home Health Testing Kits


Track a condition, fulfill testing prescribed by your doctor, or get insight into your symptoms. At-home health test kits meet many needs.


True Marker’s line of at-home tests targets a diverse range of health concerns. Get valuable information about your cholesterol levels, heart health, metabolism, and much more. We offer tests for general wellness, men’s and women’s health, and sexual health.

In-House Testing

Every at-home health test goes through our CLIA certified CAP Approved partner lab, where they are reviewed by a team of scientists. 


You receive guidance and answers to your questions from a team of clinical scientists—the same professionals who are in the lab analyzing your test and generating the results. They use this firsthand knowledge to give you clear, accurate information. A medical doctor also reviews your results and can even call you to discuss them if needed. 


You don’t have to wait weeks for an appointment to open up with your doctor. Take one of our testing kits at home, whenever it works for you. The tests are also helpful when leaving home is difficult.


We’ll always be upfront and honest about what our home health testing kits can—and can’t—do. We want you to have clear expectations so you can trust in us, and in your test results. 

How Our Tests Work

Looking for reliable information on your health? Blood tests at home are a valuable tool to get the answers you need. True Marker offers the simplest and quickest testing on the market today. Collecting a sample is easy, requiring only a few drops of blood. You’ll send the sample to our partner lab, where they will conduct the diagnostic testing and return results to you in 3 days. 

Order. Test. Understand.

Eliminate health-care hassles with three easy steps. True Marker cuts through the red tape and frustration with easy, affordable diagnostic testing that gives you swift answers and insight into your health and well-being. We help you take control of your health care. Explore our selection of at-home test kits and find the one that is right for you.