Women's Health Tests

Women’s Home Health Tests

You’ll maintain a vibrant sense of well-being throughout all stages of your life when you’re proactive about your health. Women’s health tests empower you by providing clarity on the questions you have, like can I have a baby? Am I in perimenopause? Are the changes I feel in my body hormonal? When you have accurate, science-backed answers, you can use them to develop a thoughtful health care plan for yourself—and get peace of mind.

Our at-home women’s health tests deliver the answers you need. They’re designed with your convenience in mind. Skip the hassle of finding time for medical appointments and lab tests, and avoid a long wait for the results to come back. True Marker tests are streamlined and simple to use; you’ll get rapid results you can trust. It’s easier than ever to take control of your health.

Why You Should Use True Marker’s Blood Tests for Women’s Health

They’re a simple health care solution.

Submitting a sample is easy—just send in a few drops of blood via our test kit. 

There’s solid science behind every test.

We use the latest technology to analyze all of our screening tests for women’s health. 

You don’t have to wait long for results.

Because we don’t farm our tests out to multiple labs, we can turn around results quickly. We’ll get you the information you need within a 3-day window.

You gain access to medical and scientific expertise.

Have questions or want more details on your test results? Your women’s health test kit is reviewed by our scientists and medical professionals, and they’re available to offer guidance or clarification. We believe you can make the best health care decisions when you’re fully informed. 

You can learn a lot from our at-home women’s health tests.

Our tests run the gamut, from fertility to postmenopause. Women’s hormones such as estradiol play a significant role in many health functions, and our tests are engineered to give you an accurate picture of your hormone levels.

Innovation is affordable.

Our tests are reasonably priced, without the extra costs that can be added when multiple labs handle the testing. 

You can trust True Marker with your health.

We use clear, plain language to explain the benefits of our tests. We won’t make false promises or tell you our tests can provide results we can’t deliver. We want you to be satisfied with your True Marker experience. We also keep all of your information private and won’t release it to outside parties.  

How Our Women’s Test Kits Work

Order the test you want online.Read the instructions carefully and fast before taking your sample if needed.

Gently prick your finger and put a few drops of blood on the blood card in your kit.

Mail in the kit. You’ll get results in 3 days, with information on how to contact our scientists or physicians if you have questions..

Order. Test. Understand.

You savor all life has to offer when you feel your best. Take care of your health with True Marker and experience a revitalized sense of wellness and vitality. Explore our collection of screening tests for women’s health.